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Few companies are prepared for a crisis that involves their reputation. Be prepared for a brand image restoration.
How to Restore Your Brand Image After a Crisis

Your brand messaging is securely grounded in your values, and not a single piece of communications leaves your realm without a careful cultivation of that message. Your brand image rests on years of cultivation, and you’re proud of your place in your industry. What if it all Crashed Down? It might be a well-meaning employee […]

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A company rebranding can give your business new life, or it can tank your identity in obscurity.
Are You Thinking About a Company Rebrand?

There are a lot of great reasons to rebrand. But there are some questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether it is right for your company. It is also important to understand everything that is involved with a company rebrand before you begin. With this quick guide, you can get a clear […]

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Your company rebranding is going to require a deep dive into your brand messaging.
Why Company Rebranding is Really About Messaging

Your logo looks a bit dated, or your company name no longer encompasses your expanded services. You’ve been itching for years to get rid of that pumpkin-and-mustard color scheme. Whatever is driving your company rebranding, you need to think about the bigger picture before you begin. Businesses often underestimate what’s involved with a company rebranding. […]

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We Practice What We Preach – A Guest Blog!

We are very excited to share a guest blog post with you from Lisa Steyn, otherwise known as the capetowncopywriter. In this industry, it’s critical to be “in the conversation” with experts in your field. Lisa is one of those experts. Her work demonstrates the value she brings to copywriting and her marketing acumen lends […]

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Simple Strategies for Successfully Rebranding Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

Are your social media profiles in line with your current business strategy? Oftentimes we make important business updates and forget to reflect those changes in our social networks. But a total overhaul of social media profiles isn’t always necessary. Instead, consider a few key things before making the decision to undergo a full-fledged rebranding effort. […]

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Does Your Logo Only Mean Small Talk – or True Brand Power?

Is your company logo kind of like that second cousin you see once a year to engage in a brief, awkward conversation near the lemonade cooler? No real meaning, just a glance and some small talk? If the logo for your brand is hanging out there in the background, not saying much to you or […]

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