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5 Things to Know Before Your Company Rebrand

A company rebrand is often more complex than anticipated, with layers of changes and decisions to work through.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a company rebrand. You’re tired of your logo, your recent acquisition has changed the core focus of your business or you’ve noticed that your color scheme no longer fits who you are as an organization.

Before you start a company rebrand here are a few things you need to know:

The Reason for Your Rebrand. Have you ever started a process, not realizing how involved it was going to be, and then thought, “I can’t remember why we started this.” You don’t want to experience this in the middle of a rebrand. You need a clear reason for jumping in on a process that can take months and a sizable investment.

Your Strategy. A company rebrand has a lot of layers, and it’s never as simple as a new logo. It’s decision after decision around color schemes, tone, voice, website redesign, policy changes…the list goes on and on. Have a detailed strategy ready before you get started so that you can correctly estimate how long your rebranding process will take and the resources you’ll need to complete it.

Questions. Before you start a company rebrand, conduct some brainstorming sessions where you focus solely on the types of questions you might receive from customers and employees. This will help you create the right documentation and communication so that employees are equipped to answer questions from customers. Employees may also have a lot of questions, and anticipating these will help you improve buy-in on your process.

How You’ll Tell the News. Part of your company rebrand strategy should include a plan for informing the public, your customers and your employees of your new brand. It should include a serious dose of authenticity and transparency as you share the “why” behind your changes. Determine which formats and channels you’ll utilize (Live video on Facebook? Press release?) to best spread the word that you’ve got a new identity.

They’re Watching. Your customers, that is. They’re watching you during your rebrand to see if they can still count on you, if your service is still great and if you’re going to leave them behind to move on to bigger and better things. Make sure your strategy includes measures to keep customer service prioritized so that your existing customers feel valued and appreciated, even as you’re reaching out to new audiences.

Is it time for a company rebrand? At SJC Marketing we assist companies like yours to achieve a new identity and reach broader audiences for measurable growth.

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