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Monday Morning Coffee With Pivotal Point Transitional Housing

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

A bright future is made up of several parts, working all together. No organization knows this better than Pivotal Point Transitional Housing as its team works toward offering a unique approach to homelessness.

Understanding Pivotal Point’s critical work starts with understanding some truths and myths about homelessness itself. The face of homelessness ranges from young children to teens; to single mothers; to individuals and families of all ages. The stories surrounding homelessness are all different, and many involve a domino effect that causes individuals to lose their footing and their focus.

At Pivotal Point, residents are offered several paths to their own picture of a brighter future. It starts with a fully furnished apartment that is free of rent and utility payments. The Pivotal Point model includes weekly counseling sessions around topics like problem-solving, employment and managing a budget. Services including legal assistance, transportation repairs and medical or dental care help move residents closer to their goals.

Requirements for residency aren’t easy – but the impacts last a lifetime. For the Young Adult program, rent and utility-free apartments can be provided to homeless youth ages 17-22 who are attending school and working part-time or full-time. As a resident, each young adult must participate in classes and programs offered by Pivotal Point and must also work on completing educational opportunities. Requirements for adults are similar. Once the program has been completed, residents receive counseling and encouragement, as well as access to the Pivotal Point food pantry – and even help with events like back-to-school.

The goal for each resident or resident family is to reach self-sufficiency, and the environment helps open those doors with the right amount of “tough love.” Stories shared on the organization’s website show how this model works in a real-world environment. Some tell of students finishing their high school education and then receiving help from Pivotal Point as graduate student residents of the program. Others share stories of single parents working toward a new future, knocking out one challenge at a time in this supporting, encouraging Christian environment.

Every story is fueled in part by the support of the local community. The annual Fall Ball is a true gala, bringing together guests in their finest attire for a great evening and lots of surprises as they raise funds to support the mission.

“With the current crisis, we will still have a fundraiser, but we may not be able to gather and we are looking at all of our options,” says Melissa Frakes, Executive Director, Pivotal Point Transitional Housing.

Throughout the year, the Thrift Shoppe at Pivotal Point offers household items, clothing, furniture and more in an organized and fun environment. Sales and donations to the Thrift Shoppe also help move the mission of Pivotal Point forward.

“Our needs will be great this year with so many funding concerns.  The thrift store is very important to our mission.  With it closed during the COVID-19 period, we lost a significant source of monthly support,” says Frakes. “We have been reaching out to the community for its continued support, and donors can go to our website to make a donation.”

Apartment sponsors help open the doors to new starts by helping fund the ongoing costs of residence at Pivotal Point. The commitment is one year, but many apartment sponsors remain involved with long-term support as they see each new success story – and see the direct result of their giving.

This may be one of the most unique aspects of Pivotal Point Transitional Housing. Across ongoing support initiatives, volunteers and events, everyone who touches this organization feels connected and engaged. The outcomes are real and are evident each day, across the little things and the big things.

This week, our team at SJC Marketing tips our coffee mugs to this kind of real-life inspiration and invites you to see how you can become involved with Pivotal Point Transitional Housing.

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