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4 Steps for Instagram Stories Success

Your brand can get a great boost from Instagram Stories, but it’s important to have a plan before you start.

As more people are experiencing brands primarily through digital exposure, companies are warming up to live videos as a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. It’s a way to add transparency and authenticity to your marketing efforts, and Instagram Stories makes it easy to incorporate.

Instagram Stories is easy to utilize as a marketing tool but there are steps you need to take for success:

Plan: Live videos are most effective when they are unscripted but not completely unplanned. You know there will be some moments of unexpected improvisation, but you don’t want the effect to be messy or chaotic. You need a few ideas about what you’ll say and what general events will transpire on the video.

Before filming, know what your overall goal is for the video. Are you trying to increase engagement, encourage viewers to view your product page or simply trying to build brand awareness? Knowing why you’re doing it will help shape your video’s content.

You should also prepare in terms of making sure your brand message is consistent. That means the setting, the tone and who is appearing are all important parts of your planning.

Practice: When you produce a live video for Instagram Stories, it is challenging to handle any technical problems. If the sound is a mess, you’re kind of stuck with messy sound. It may seem strange to practice a live video, but it can help you work out these kinds of kinks and even help you find out that your video costar starts to giggle every time you make eye contact. These things are best worked out before going live.

Respond: Producing your first live video isn’t for those who fear multitasking. While you’re unboxing your product, offering a tour of your facilities or sharing a how-to, you’re also responding to the comments and questions filtering in through Instagram. Pulling in the participants encourages them to come back for more of your Instagram Stories and encourages a community to develop around your brand.

Include a CTA: Your call to action should be defined in your planning process, so that your costars aren’t shouting out, “Visit the webpage!” while you’re about to say, “Subscribe to our enewsletter,” and an icon of a “Shop” button is appearing in the corner. If your CTA is a fumble, your viewers may do exactly nothing.

Instagram Stories is a great way to connect with audiences, but you may be wondering what kinds of equipment, ideas and people you need in place to do it. The answer is, very little of any of those things. You just need some good ideas and a solid strategy, and we’ve got those. Our team at SJC Marketing would love to work with you.

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