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Tell Your B2B Instagram Stories

Find out how you can use Instagram Stories for B2B marketing.

Instagram Stories are great for brands who live in the visual. The photographers, the fashion designers and the tourism industry. It’s the perfect tool for B2C marketing, where consumers are looking to be dazzled by textures, colors and luxury. What about you, the typical B2B marketer?

Are your days destined to be languished in the parched, business-y land of LinkedIn? Are you never to taste the sweet dessert of glossy images and vibrant colors?

You might be surprised to hear this, but your B2B contacts are people, too. The same people who use Instagram for making personal purchases are the people who are behind the title of “purchasing agent” or “procurement specialist.” It’s easy to forget this, because B2B purchases involve more people, more hurdles and generally more money.

So it’s a little more complicated in terms of the process, but it still boils down to one human making a connection with another one. Instagram is a tool to do it.

You’re More Visual Than You Think

Maybe you deal in services, like law or accounting. Or you think your business is far from visually appealing. Maybe you supply non-slip mats for industrial settings, or you sell refurbished cell phones and computers.

Your product or service might be visually interesting after all. Consider using Instagram to show close-ups of items you use at work for a “guess what this weird thing is” contest. Or you can post pictures of some behind-the-scenes parts of your work that you imagine people might wonder about, like how those huge non-slip mats get cleaned or whether attorneys practice yelling, “You can’t handle the truth!” when things get slow at the firm.

It’s Not Just About Leads. Sure, it’s great if posting Instagram Stories results in leads, but sometimes it’s a good idea just to gain some attention. Name recognition is still a worthwhile pursuit, so if you start there, it’s still part of the sales funnel. You might be providing helpful information, and sometimes you may just be providing entertainment and showing that you have a sense of humor.

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