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3 Unique Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing and social media are platforms that both can be valuable to your marketing strategy but the power of email marketing is often overlooked.

Social media has been the rage for the better part of the last decade, with marketers closely following trends and data to determine the right frequency, timing and audience to grow their brand presence. But can social media ever replace the power of email marketing?

While both are digital formats, there are distinct benefits that come with social media and email. Here are three unique benefits of email marketing:

Complete Control: This is the biggest reason why social media doesn’t have the same benefits of email marketing. Social media will have you jumping through some serious hoops, trying to determine who you’re reaching and whether you could reach them more effectively.

With email marketing, you know exactly who receives your email, you know whether the email encouraged them to click through to your website, and it’s easy to see which subject lines, which combination of text and images, which type of promotion caused them to click. While some of this can be seen on social media platforms email marketing gives you a deeper insight.

Consistency: Social media platforms are always changing their algorithms that determine where your posts land in a person’s feed and how it’s prioritized related to other posts appearing on the platform.

With email marketing, you know that your message will be received in the order that it was sent, and there’s no jostling with other brands to get a particular spot in the inbox. It’s first come, first served, period.

In addition, once you’ve determined your look for email, you can utilize that formatting so that your emails are easily recognizable by your font, the tone of your subjects and the frequency with which you send emails.

Reach: Sure, you can potentially reach broader audiences with social media, but that doesn’t guarantee that your post is seen. While people often take a break from social media, the same usually doesn’t happen with email. People see email as essential for business and personal communication.

Email marketing ensures your message is received. And you will know whether it’s been viewed and whether your promotion was effective at creating a conversion.

There are a few additional benefits to email, such as the ability to automate your messages, connect subscribers to your social media profiles and create highly personalized, targeted messages for subsets of your audience.

Want to know more about creating a clean email subscriber list, crafting effective email campaigns and turning those subscribers into customers with great content? Our team at SJC Marketing is ready to tell you more.

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