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5 Stats You Need to Know About B2B Web Design

Your B2B web design should be quick-loading, optimized for mobile and reflect your brand messaging.

Your website is so much more than a place to showcase your products, publish your blog and introduce your team. If you aren’t using B2B web design to create a marketing hub for your brand, you’re missing opportunities to effortlessly and seamlessly convert visitors into leads.

If it’s been at least three years since you’ve revisited, there’s a lot that you’re probably needing to update and implement. Check out these five stats that drive home the need for smart B2B web design:

77% of all Americans own a Smartphone: If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile, you’re missing opportunities. B2B brand research, content consumption and web visits are all happening on mobile devices, and it’s simply too easy for your leads to skip over to a competitor if your site isn’t scrolling correctly or is sized wrong for a mobile device.

83% of Global Consumers use Multiple Devices: The smartphone is a huge part of brand exploration and purchasing, but you should also be sure that your web design is equipped to offer a consistent experience across every device.

59% of Consumers Want Beautiful Design: You went for simplicity last time, and that may have been the right move in the design trends of that period, but consumers want more out of the website experience. They want to feel as if they’re having a personal interaction with your brand, and your site should accurately and beautifully communicate your brand messaging.

53% of Visitors Will Abandon a Slow-Loading Site in Three Seconds: You don’t think much about your load speed, but your visitors do. The performance of your site is critical, so if you haven’t checked it out lately, test your speed. Anything over two seconds requires a look. You may need to change how you’ve got videos and images dispersed on your site, or make an upgrade to your server.

62% of B2B Marketers Have Used SEO Strategies: In short, your competitors are doing, it, so you better invest in search engine optimization (SEO) or you may be left behind. There are many elements of SEO that come into web design that will improve your rankings in a search engine, such as how the text and images are placed, how video is used and how often your content is updated.

Is your company due for a B2B web design update? Our team at SJC Marketing, will make sure that every item on this list is covered in your new design.

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