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3 Reels Features to Add to Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

In Instagram marketing, Stories are seen only by your followers, but Reels offers a new opportunity to get discovered.

You’ve mastered Stories, and your followers are pretty tuned in. But it turns out that there’s even more Instagram Marketing fun to be had through Reels, a video tool that offers great features for brand messaging that’s just exactly your style.

We know it can be a bit overwhelming every time social media platforms provide cool new ideas, but this one is easy. Here are three things you can do on Reels to engage with your audience:

Music That’s All You: If you’ve always wished you could get that baseball walk-on music, this is your chance. Whatever sound captures your brand, your promotion or your new product line, you can add it to your Reel. Keep in mind that you’ll be muted when music is playing, so you’ll need to add text if your message isn’t evident from the visual elements of your Reel.

Adding music is simple: you simply tap on the music note on the top left of your screen and choose an artist, song or even just a mood if you don’t know exactly what you want.

Video for the Video-Averse: You can choose to use Green Screen and then choose something for your camera roll to use for your Reel. Add yourself in a voiceover, and voila! You’ve created video without having to actually appear in it. These can be great for Q&A sessions where you may prefer to show text and then just talk through the answers.

Share, Republish and Repurpose: Just like any new Instagram marketing technique, you can get comfortable with Reels by sharing another user’s Reel first by tapping on the paper airplane icon of someone else’s Reel.

Once you have made your own Reel, repurpose it by sharing it via your email newsletter or in other platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Need some ideas for getting started? Try one of these:

  • Create a True/False Reel where fun music plays while you answer questions by nodding your head yes or no to common myths around your brand or industry.
  • Do a product unboxing and have disappearing text showing off features as you give a “tour” of the new product.
  • If you have a particularly expressive person on staff, have them make different faces as larger-than-life images of product challenges and solutions are in the backdrop.

Reels are all fun, no fear, so they’re a great way to get started with visual content. If your Instagram marketing could use some new ideas, let’s put our heads together and get going.

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