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3 Content Marketing Must-Haves for Instagram

There are three types of content marketing you can count on being well-received on Instagram.

Instagram is a dream for the creative types drawn to content marketing. Stories! Reels! Stickers…All. The. Stickers! But to use it effectively in your strategy, your creative madness must be balanced with structure.

First, that structure needs metrics that match your goals. If your content marketing strategy for Instagram is built around conversions, those likes and followers aren’t what you should be measuring. You need click-throughs to your product page to prove that your efforts are leading to conversions.

Second, you need to create captions and posts that help you break through the noise. If you have a long caption, consider turning it into a carousel. Then, choose a photo or infographic that is one likely to make people stop scrolling long enough to read your caption in the bite-sized pieces that a carousel will offer.

Third, there are three types of posts that can be key as you develop your Instagram strategy:

Educational: About one-quarter of what you post on Instagram should be some kind of sharing of valuable information. That said, don’t give it all away. You want to provide enough value that it builds your reputation as an expert in your industry, but don’t get in the habit of posting links to free ebooks on a regular basis or give up your service income with too many how-to videos.

Address Objections: You know your product, and you know what stops people from completing a purchase. Address those concerns directly with an Instagram post. From “It’s too pricey,” to “What if it doesn’t work?” you’ll be able to remove some mystery around your product.

Dispel Myths: If you often hear incorrect information floating around your industry, maybe it’s time to do a myth-busting post. With Reels, you can do a quick fact-check on a several myths set to fun music.

Have you made Instagram a part of your content marketing strategy? This highly-visual platform offers a wide variety of formats and tools for showcasing your brand.

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