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Your Guide to Rejuvenating Your Video Marketing Strategy

If your video marketing strategy is getting stale, use this guide to put some energy back into your campaigns.

Think about the last time you watched a YouTube video and the introductory ad popped up. What did you do, skip it? Or did you allow it to play? Thinking about what your action was and why you did it can be a good first step to breathing new life into your video marketing strategy.

If you skipped the ad, it might be because the ad wasn’t relevant to you. If you went ahead and watched it, maybe it’s because you were curious, it was a new style that intrigued you, or it was relevant to an interest or need you have.

Video marketing requires a back-to-basics focus balanced with outside-the-box creativity. Here are some tips on hitting the right balance:

Go Back to Your Target Audience. Start by thinking about the people you are trying to reach with your video marketing. If there’s been an increase in how many people click away from your ads, you may want to do a review of your target market, messaging and the pain points you are trying to address. Has anything changed or required adjustment?

Focus on Storytelling. It’s always about connecting with your audience, and storytelling is one of the best ways to do that. Telling your brand story in a compelling way without directly telling your viewers to buy from you is a good approach to video marketing. Share how you solved a customer’s problem or about when you partnered with another company to support a local cause.

Know the Point. What are you wanting your viewers to do as a result of seeing your video? Make sure you have a clear and measurable goal attached to your videos, and use that goal to inform your call to action. Do you want viewers to subscribe, visit your product page, tell a friend or go to your live event? Make sure you tell them.

Get Creative. Take some time to look at your previous videos and those of your competitors. What’s not being done? Are there opportunities to be funny, to answer some common questions or to interview an influencer in your local market? Getting creative can help your brand stand out and offer unique content.

Don’t Sit Down. Okay, maybe for a minute. But get right back to it because video marketing is always best when it is in motion. You need to stay alert to new trends, be ready to capture unusual moments at your company and stay in touch with your audience.

Ready to get a video marketing campaign launched? Contact us at SJC Marketing, where we love to take a few risks with some fun visual content. Let’s see what we can create together.

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