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You Had Me at Marketing: A Monday Morning Coffee Love Story

SJC Marketing shares one of their favorite places to grab a delicious drink on date night.

It’s the one your mother warned you about. They change their minds all the time, you can’t seem to get an idea of where things are going, and you keep investing money without being totally sure whether you’re getting anywhere. Just when you think you know them intimately; the situation completely shifts.

It’s not a commitment resistant dating partner. It’s marketing. It’s the field that offers up so many conflicting viewpoints yet attracts some of the most creative minds and talent. Here are a few reasons why some of us can’t resist its siren call:

You Aren’t Forced to Choose: If you can’t decide whether you’re a black-and-white, science-driven data-based practical mathematician or a free-spirited, creative, hunch-loving artist, marketing is your sweet spot. Marketing blends art and science in a way that few other areas of business can, and the blending is where the magic happens. A marketing plan isn’t successful based solely on data, and yet data helps guide your strategy as you see what is working to reach your target market.

You’re in Crazy Good Company: This blending of art and science also attracts some curiously creative types. These are the folks who can stare at you bug-eyed after seven hours of hard work on a campaign and suddenly stumble across a wildly funny, yet perfectly branded idea for your promotion.

Nobody Gets Bored: As soon as you think you’ve got a technique mastered; the industry has moved on. Marketing delivers a constantly shifting learning curve, so that you never quite get your footing. But if excitement fuels your fun, it’s a good way to spend your time.

There’s Room for You: How to create the perfect viral video? Nobody knows. Striking exactly the right funny note? It’s anybody’s guess. Marketing makes room for those who are willing to bypass sticking a toe in the water and jump right in for the cannonball.

It’s Getting Less Scary: All that said, marketing is improving its ability to track return on investments almost by the day. Using URL codes on mailers, dedicated landing pages for social posts and a host of analytics tools means that you are more able than ever to track how your marketing efforts translate to conversions and sales.

Sure, marketing isn’t for everyone, but it’s a pretty great fit for our creative team at SJC Marketing.

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