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A Customer Acquisition Strategy That Engages More Consumers

Social media platforms are powerful channels through which your customer acquisition strategy can flourish.

Building an effective customer acquisition strategy is a complex task, but even though there is artistry to this process, there are also proven best practices you should use when you’re developing content and a plan for your outreach.

You have many options in your approach to utilizing social media platforms in your customer acquisition strategy and each of your campaigns might include elements that differ from one to the next. If you’re finding that the bulk of the content you’ve developed isn’t making much headway with your intended audience, consider the following tips.

Are You Running Too Many Campaigns?

Multi-channel campaigns are the way to go, but what about multiple campaigns occurring at the same time? Even when you segment your audience, some of them could end up getting hit with your information coming from different campaigns. This can lead to fatigue, and the last thing you want to do is annoy your potential customers.

First and foremost, make sure your campaigns are focused on different segments of your audience. Furthermore, everyone has a limit to how productive they can be, which is why it is recommended that you not run more than four campaigns at the same time. This also helps reduce your spend on campaigns.

Are You Engaging Organically?

If you’re tracking your stats, you’ve probably noticed that you get the most engagement out of your ads that you spread across social media sites. And while those initial engagement points are valuable, don’t forget about organic engagement, because this is where you can carry out a long term relationship with customers.

This process involves really knowing your audience, what they respond to in your posts and when and where they are most likely to see your content. And rather than your posts being solely about your brand/product/services, focus on topics that will engage your audience and perhaps even inspire them to be part of the conversation.

Are You Retargeting?

A study by Littledata in May of last year found that of the nearly 2,000 companies they surveyed, the average conversion rate was 1.3%. And while that is not considered to be a “good” percentage (3.3% ranks as a “good” rate). These are consumers who have completed the buy cycle, but what about those who entered it but didn’t pull the trigger on a product or service?

These are consumers who need a little nudge that the items they looked at are still available. You can use Facebook’s dynamic ads to deliver personalized content to these consumers and stand the chance of doubling your conversion rate, which is something Facebook highlights with Aeropostale’s success story.

If you need to bring in an outside party to assist you in improving your customer acquisition strategy, SJC is here to help. We’ve assisted clients with their social media marketing on all platforms and we can assist you. Let’s discuss the approach we’ll take to improve your customer engagement.


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