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3 Steps to LinkedIn Marketing Success

Your LinkedIn marketing campaign should include both long-form publisher posts and short updates.

LinkedIn is a great place to demonstrate the authenticity of your brand and build relationships, as well as learn about others in your industry. So get ready to take some real steps to put some polish on your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Step One: Mix It Up. Several years ago, LinkedIn made its Publisher feature available to all users, and professionals all over the world waxed poetic…in a whole lot of words.

LinkedIn marketing is its own solution, but it shares a common trait in its audience with other platforms: a short attention span. If you’re a fan of Publisher, that’s great, but don’t forget to mix it up with shorter posts that gain traction with a few words:

  • Use short posts 3-5 times per week, longer Publisher articles a couple of times a month.
  • Provide a mix of original content and pieces you’re sharing from others.
  • Always keep value in mind: what is your audience gaining from what you share?

Step Two: Use Video. Video continues to be a preferred format across social media platforms, and it’s true with LinkedIn marketing. Video requires very little in terms of budget, because your audience is going to appreciate seeing the real you, not an edited, made-for-tv version of you.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some planning. Before you get started, determine what you’re trying to accomplish with your video, and then plan a script from there. If you’re doing a live video, you should still map out what you intend to happen during the video.

Step Three: Make The Most of Your Content. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for cross-promoting your content. If you wrote a blog three years ago and the points you made still ring true, give it another run on LinkedIn. Your best infographics, video clips and white papers can all find new life on LinkedIn.

If you are on multiple social media platforms, you’ll need a strategy that allows each piece of content to be tailored for the site where it will be posted. But you can also create an effective multi-channel distribution plan that allows each piece of content to be promoted across every platform. Write once, promote multiple times.

If you’ve been holding back on your LinkedIn marketing strategy, contact us at SJC Marketing. From helping you make some small timing adjustments to managing your entire social media marketing campaign, we offer a range of assistance to match your needs.

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