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Why You Should Try Interactive Video (And How to Do It!)

Interactive video is a great option for putting a fun spin on your video marketing.

Visual marketing continues to be a great way to engage audiences, but if your company hasn’t tried interactive video, this post is what you need to get started.

First, let’s discuss why interactive video is a good element to include in your strategy:

  • In a 2022 Hubspot survey, 28% of the 500 participants surveyed said that they use interactive video. It’s an important trend shaping marketing.
  • Among those using it, 8% plan to use it as their primary video marketing investment.
  • It has a high ROI, and 47% of respondents said that it was one of their most effective ways to generate leads.

There are quite a few directions you can go with interactive video. You can include a poll or quiz, or you can include hot spots in your video, where viewers can click to get more info or discover a fun side story. One of the most exciting types of interactive video is the branched story, which is the video version of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you end up in different segments, depending on the choices you make.

Interactive video tends to be more fun than traditional videos, often including a little humor or whimsy. Here are the steps you’ll want to follow if you decide to make an interactive video:

Determine Your Purpose: Having a goal in mind should always be your first step because it helps give your interactive video a solid direction. It might be introducing a new product line, offering a how-to or taking a behind-the-scenes tour, but if you know whether you’re building brand awareness or trying to boost conversions, it will make a big difference in how you create your video.

Choose Your Platform: Knowing where you plan to post will help you determine length, style and tone. Don’t choose your platform to fit your video; create your video based on where your audience hangs out and the particulars for video on that site.

Know Your Metrics: How will you decide whether your video was successful?

Review and Refine: As you consider what worked and what didn’t, you’ll be better prepared to create your next interactive video.

When you’re ready to create your first interactive video, don’t go it alone. At SJC Marketing, we have experience making fun and engaging interactive videos that resonate with your audience. Contact us to get started!

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