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Are You Maximizing Your Landing Pages?

Your marketing strategy may be missing an important element: landing pages. Find out how to best design them.

When you’re designing a marketing strategy, there are the heavy hitters you likely never forget to include, like content and social media marketing. You wouldn’t miss incorporating a keyword strategy or email marketing. But there’s a great element of any strategy that often gets overlooked: landing pages.

Landing pages are a great strategic tool that helps your visitors know they are in the right spot and know what to do next. That is, if you’re doing them well. Here are a few things you should know:

As with all web-related elements, speed matters.  A delay of even one second in your page load speed can cost you, to the tune of 7% fewer conversions. This is where smart web design comes in, making sure you’re using the right format for images and video that might slow your speed.

Get your customers involved. Landing pages are an excellent place to include the words of your customers, with those including testimonials resulting in 34% more conversions.

Don’t turn it into an inquisition. Yes, you need to collect some information in order for them to subscribe, join or follow, but think about what you really need. Landing pages with five fields or less have a 20% higher conversion rate than those that have at least ten.

It’s never one-and-done. More than half of businesses test at least two landing pages to determine the elements that work best. Don’t be afraid to test and refine landing pages to adapt to your evolving marketing strategy.

It needs to be clear. One landing page can’t do everything. It needs to have a single goal in mind for visitors and it needs to communicate it clearly. Landing pages with multiple offers are less successful, with a 266% lower conversion rate.

A good landing page is one that has a few key qualities:

  • It offers a clear CTA that tells visitors what you want them to do.
  • The design is consistent with the ad, post or email that led to it, so that visitors know they are in the right place.
  • It is specific, allowing you to measure the response to your direct mailing versus those that arrived to your site via social media.
  • The design is engaging, but never too busy or sloppy.

Wondering whether your landing pages are hurting or helping your marketing strategy? We can help. Contact us at SJC Marketing for an assessment of your landing pages and what could be done to maximize their effect!



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