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Why Do So Many Companies Use Social Media as a Part of Their Marketing?

Are you on the fence about devoting more time to social media marketing? It’s important to devote energy to the things that offer a return on your investment. If you haven’t looked into the benefits for a business to be active on social media, check out what other companies have gained with marketing through social media channels.

Get More Website Traffic

U.S. e-commerce grew more than 14% in 2021 and is still performing well in 2022. The more views you get to your website, the better chance you have at selling more products or enhancing your brand’s image. In fact, CognitiveSEO found through its analysis of 23 million social media posts that social media engagement leads to higher organic search engine rankings. When you garner more likes and shares, your name gets out there more, which leads to more visits to your website and getting a bigger piece of the e-commerce pie.

Interact With Customers

You’ve probably heard by now that there has been a huge shift in consumer behavior since the pandemic began and that customer service is more highly valued than ever by consumers. When you’re active on social media, you can speak directly to your customers and even help them with issues they have related to your business. The more you interact, the more personalized your services become, and this is very powerful with consumers, leading to heightened levels of loyalty to your brand.

Establish Your Company Culture

Consumers want to spend their money with companies that they identify with. You can demonstrate who you are as a company, show your personality and become an authentic entity when you have the right social media strategy. For example, you know more about your industry than most people, so prove to them that you’re a thought leader in your space via your social media marketing content.

Preferred Channels

The most powerful social media marketing site for you will depend on your type of business and your goals. However, the heavyweights are Facebook, with more than 1.5 billion active monthly users, and Twitter, with 255 million active monthly users. Other major players include Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Etsy, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Not sure which platform will work for you or which combination you should try? Contact us at SJC and we’ll give you a hand. We assist companies in a variety of industries with their social media marketing strategies and by building content that turns heads. With our assistance, you can leverage the power of social media and make it work for you. Contact us and let’s talk about getting started.

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