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5 Stats You Should Know About TikTok Marketing

TikTok marketing is taking off because of its fun and quick ad styles that audiences love.

If you’ve been thinking TikTok is just for teenagers, you might want to take another look. That’s because among all the makeover transformations, new dance moves and pet tricks, TikTok marketing is taking off. And you don’t want to miss out on the value it holds for your marketing.

Here are five statistics you’ll want to know about TikTok marketing:

It Only Took Five Years to Reach One Billion Users: Launched in 2016, TikTok reached one billion users by 2021. In order to appreciate this statistic, a little context helps: Facebook took eight years to reach that milestone.

It May Be More Addictive Than YouTube: People don’t just hop onto TikTok and get right back off the app. The app has now surpassed YouTube for the number of hours users log on the site. Some Gen Z users even report falling asleep and waking up to the app.

Sharing Videos Tops the List: When looking at what users are doing when engaging with the platform, 67% report using it to share videos. In addition, 66% use it to participate in a hashtag challenge, while 65% join in on a trend or prank.

TikTok Marketing is Great for Products: 90% of TikTok marketing videos include a product placement. You may have heard that TikTok is also a place where influencers are used, but it still only represents about a quarter of all videos. Product placement remains the most popular approach.

TikTok is Preferred by Consumers for Ads: Consumers say it’s their favorite platform, no doubt because TikTok marketing tends to be charming or funny. And it also tends to be short; rarely does anyone wish for longer ads.

Are There Any Drawbacks to TikTok Marketing? You may be wondering if this is all just a new platform that hasn’t shown its kinks just yet. Consumers may have a similar sentiment, because while they rank TikTok as the most innovative platform, they also trust it less than advertising sources like Google, Facebook and YouTube.

This means that while you get started with TikTok to create some fun and innovative ads, you can balance that by remaining engaged in other digital marketing opportunities.

TikTok marketing is a fun addition to your digital mix, but you may be experiencing some trepidation. Contact us at SJC Marketing. We will help you develop a fun campaign to help you enjoy the innovative approach on TikTok and engage with new audiences.


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