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Unlock the Mysteries of Social Media Marketing Beginning With Social Listening

You can gain important insights for social media marketing when you do as much listening as you do posting.

It was a dark and stormy night. Okay, on Facebook it’s always blue-and-white: that weather-free, lighting-controlled atmosphere. But still, sometimes it’s easy to see a storm brewing with your social media marketing. People are complaining, they’re trashing your brand and you’ve got to respond.

But what if the sentiment toward your brand isn’t quite so dramatic, and instead, things are slowly shifting towards a negative view of your company? How would you know?

Use Social Listening: Social listening is a broad concept that includes data-based practices through social monitoring, but it also utilizes social media to gain overall perceptions about consumer impressions.

Social listening can be useful in learning what pain points and annoyances are grieving your target market. For instance, your product development team might make changes to your next line based on suggestions, comments and complaints mined from social media.

Practice Social Monitoring: Social monitoring is the use of analytics to gain insights into how your brand is faring. It helps you shape your social media marketing strategy in ways that encourage a positive impression of your brand and fosters engagement. You can use tools to measure mentions of not just your brand or company name, but also your CEO, your spokesperson and your specific products. In addition to mentions, you can also measure overall sentiment, giving you a bird’s eye view of how people feel about your brand.

You can and should do the same for your competitors. If a competitor is suddenly reaching new heights on sentiment, it may be because they’ve tapped into a new way of connecting with customers either with a problem-solving blog post or a video that’s cracking everyone up.

Be Clever, Not Pushy: Social listening is great for informing your social media marketing strategy, but there’s a pitfall. Sometimes you may struggle to hold back when you discover posts that almost cry out for a sales pitch. For instance, someone tweets about a problem that you know your business can solve.

You don’t want to be seen as invasive or be obvious about listening in. Instead, try being friendly or funny. In other words: don’t sell, engage.

Is social media marketing strategist just one more of the many hats you wear as a business owner? Turn it over to the experts at SJC Marketing and let us handle your social media campaigns. You’ll see we wear that hat better than anyone.


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