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5 Trends in Social Media Marketing You Don’t Want to Miss

Social media marketing is incorporating more social commerce as online shopping and social media collide.

One of the pitfalls of social media marketing is blindly chasing trends without careful incorporation into your strategy or measuring whether they are effective. A strategy based solely on trend-following would likely miss the mark for your brand. But you still have to be current, and that means choosing the best trends that are a fit for you when it comes to emerging ideas.

Thankfully, SJC Marketing has done the legwork for you on current trends. Think about which of these ideas fits best with your goals and your strategy. Whatever you choose, be sure to align them with your goals and have a metric for determining success. Here are five solid trends you’ll want to watch in 2022:

Unconditional Love for Facebook: Every time Facebook hits the headlines for a little hand-smacking, their users feign shock and then go right back to using it. This site seems to be essential for staying connected, and so it’s a great place to invest for marketing. Sure, it’s got a few kinks to work out, but it’s clear that there’s a lot to love.

Facebook had 23 billion users as of January 2021, and they remain on top. Yes, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are also important in social media marketing, but don’t think that they’re in a position to take over Facebook’s top spot just yet.

Bite-Sized Content: It appears that the general population is becoming distracted consumers because we’ve all developed short attention spans. The average attention span is now eight seconds, so keep your content snackable.

Short-Form Video: TikTok hasn’t overtaken Facebook in its quest for global domination, but it’s definitely making its mark. Going along with the last trend listed, where everyone needs to be entertained quickly and concisely, the short-form video that communicates in just a few short seconds is becoming an important social media marketing tool. Tell us who you are and what you do in eight seconds. Go!

User-Generated Content: People are tired of traditional advertising and they love authenticity. It’s a perfect moment in time to really embrace user-generated content. Invite fans of your brand to participate in polls and contests and ask them to send pictures and video. Your use of real people using your product or service will be far more powerful than telling audiences how great your brand is.

Social Commerce: People thought they used social media and online shopping a lot before everyone went on lockdown. Then when lockdown and all-day pajamas became a reality, social commerce had its ideal moment. If you haven’t tried incorporating a “buy now” feature into your social media marketing, you should get this on your priority list.

Not every social media marketing trend is going to be the right fit for your brand or your strategy, but you will want to grab the best ones and use them to your benefit. Contact us at SJC Marketing to see what will best make your brand shine.

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