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Be Influential With Your Social Media Marketing

Turn followers into leads with social media marketing.

With almost 70% of adults in the U.S. using a Facebook account, you likely have a large portion of your target audience in position to see your social media marketing posts. And there are 130 million Instagram users in the U.S., which means you’ve got another influential online source for sharing your content. Social media marketing is a go-to tool for establishing a loyal group of customers.

Pew Research Center offers some statistics on how social media is used and by whom, so if you remain unconvinced of the power of social media for marketing, consider some of the top reasons small businesses use these sites.

Improved Rates of Inbound Traffic

Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will gain traction on social media. With interesting headlines, the right taglines and captivating visuals, you can redirect traffic from a post on any of the social media sites you use.

You have to consider that every follower you have on social media is a potential visitor to your site, which is where you can progress their journey into the buy cycle. Redirecting consumers from your social media sites to your website must be a priority.

Improved Brand Recognition

You might offer the best products and/or services in your industry, but if nobody knows about your brand, those things mean nothing. Making profits hinges on brand recognition and social media is a top way to get there.

Making positive strides toward this goal includes building content that speaks to your company culture. All of your content must be consistent in how your brand is represented, and eventually, you will establish a relationship with your target audience who see you as more than just a small business; they will feel a kinship with you.

Improve Lead Communications

Social media marketing allows you to target specific audiences. If you promote or boost a post, you can pick what the goal of that post is (for example, on Facebook you can set your goal to get more messages, get more engagement, get more website visitors, get more leads or get more calls) and pick the demographic you want to target.

Once your targeted audience interacts with a post, you learn more about who they are, what their interest in your post might be and have the opportunity to reach out to them and further the conversation.

At SJC, we’re social media marketing experts. We can help you shape your content and get it in front of the right people in all the right places. We would love to work with you to make better connections with consumers.

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