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Why Content Marketing Is the Foundation For a Solid Marketing Strategy

Content marketing improves your SEO, your engagement on social media and your reputation as an expert.

It’s no secret: content marketing can be challenging. It takes a lot of time to build up a following, create a library of content and master the art of engagement on different platforms.

And yet, there are so many reasons why you should keep it at the center of your strategy:

It Builds a Following that Lasts: When you invest in marketing, it can be tempting to constantly check analytics and sales numbers to see if your investment is paying off. But when you get quick hits, those gains can become losses just as quickly.

The benefit of the long haul involved with content marketing is that it builds an audience of people that value your expertise and become invested in a relationship with your brand. It takes time, but it also has a lasting effect.

It Puts the Social in Social Media: Many brands treat social media the same as they would traditional advertising formats. It’s just another place to shout about how great their product is.

An effective content marketing strategy emphasizes the social aspect, creating and sharing content that brings value to audiences and encourages conversation. It asks questions and invites followers to share their own content and thoughts. If you’re not regularly, actively engaging with followers on social media, that may be a sign that your social strategy is leaning too heavily on the media side.

It Helps You be Findable: Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving, but it consistently prioritizes brands with a vibrant, healthy content marketing presence. If you’re routinely posting new content and engaging with followers, it’s going to help your website ranking on search engines. And that helps drive traffic to your site.

It Gives You Familiarity: Doing business with someone is more rewarding when there’s a trusted relationship. If you’re publishing how-to videos or blogs that help people solve common problems, you’re not just a company trying to sell people something. You’re someone that has already helped them in the past, has demonstrated expertise and has shown that you care about the wellbeing of your audience, not just their dollars.

Content marketing may deliver fast results now and then, but it’s much more likely to be a slow, satisfying burn.  We love working with clients to develop an integrated, strategic approach to content marketing that helps you see measurable success.

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