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How Your Website Should Empower Your Marketing Strategy

Your website should be driving growth as a part of an effective marketing strategy.

You’ve got a beautiful website that showcases your brand in your color scheme, offers a nice product description for each item in your inventory and includes a great library of content on everything from industry trends to how-to manuals. You may never have guessed that your website was meant to do much more. But it is!! It is meant to empower your marketing strategy.

Websites are a critical part of a marketing strategy, drawing visitors and converting them into buyers through specific content. If you want your website to convert, you need our checklist for the seven questions to ask about your website!

Here are some key ways your website can give your marketing strategy the power it needs to fuel growth:

Generate traffic. It’s not going to matter how beautiful your site is, if nobody ever sees it. Along with designing a site that’s all about your brand look and feel, be sure to create it with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Using the right keywords in the right places, as well as ensuring that you regularly produce new content in a mix of formats will improve your ranking on search engines.

Make your website sticky. A lot of companies measure visitors to their sites, which is an important indicator of how well your other marketing efforts are working to get people to your website. But once they’re on your site, what causes them to bounce? Do you have a landing page that’s falling flat, or are there some errors in your website design that make it hard to navigate? Even if things are working pretty smoothly, consider new ways to draw out the experience and make visitors want to spend time there.

Invest in your social media strategy. In addition to your website supporting your marketing strategy, your social marketing presence can fuel the rate of visitors to your website. Create posts that are consistent with your brand’s personality and use it as a way to engage people who may be interested in visiting your site. Share your content there and then make sure that the landing page visitors arrive on from social media is what they were looking for.

Measure your website’s traffic. From your initial launch, set up measurable goals and then use analytics to see if your website is meeting those goals. You’ll find out which pages cause visitors to bail out, and which tend to be effective at pushing a visitor towards conversion.

Stop giving your website the cushy job. Make it earn its keep and bring in some new business for your company. You might not realize that your website is more than just a silent player in your marketing strategy, but instead more like a sleek panther, hunting down your target market and drawing them in.

For more insight into an effective marketing strategy, contact us at SJC Marketing. We can help you with the successful launch of your website, as well as more comprehensive marketing services.

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