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The Website Design Flaw That’s Hurting Your Social Media Strategy

Speed affects not just user experience for website visitors, but also your social media marketing.

The Importance of Focusing on This Key Piece of Your Website Design

You can create an edgy, funny social media strategy that catches the eye of your followers and pushes a lot of traffic to your site. But if your website design has one major flaw, you’re likely to lose your edge.

What’s the design flaw?

It’s speed. Sure, your videos are amazing and your images tell your brand story in a glance, but if visitors bail on your site before the landing page loads, those things won’t matter.

Consider this epic mismatch between marketers and consumers: While 70% of digital consumers say that page load speeds make a difference in whether they will make a purchase, most marketers say they aren’t prioritizing load speed in their website design.

In other words, if you’re looking for a way to edge out your competition in a single step … well, you’re welcome.

Or maybe you’re not convinced, and you think that your social media strategy is so compelling that your audience is willing to wait. Take a look at some pretty persuasive statistics:

  • Over half of visitors say that they won’t wait more than three seconds for a page to load, but the average page takes 15 seconds to load on a mobile device.
  • 85% of pages are slower than Google’s recommended five seconds or less.
  • 81% of marketers say they know that load speed is an important part of website design, but they’re not making it a priority.

Your social media strategy may be reeling in all kinds of potential leads, but your website design, and specifically your load time, is turning them away. Stop wondering how you’ll achieve your growth goals and implement action steps to increase your speed.

And consider one more thing: Marketers know that visuals are where it’s at, but consumers may not be as into them as you’ve been taught to believe. More than half (56%) say they’d give up animations and 52% said they’d give up video if it meant they could see the website faster.

Want to know more about how to prioritize the right aspects of website design to support your social media efforts? Contact us at SJC Marketing, where our in-house design team is not only good at making your site a sight to behold, but also where our web development team can help you keep consumers happy with speedy loading times.

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