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Video Marketing Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement

Showcase your offerings and connect with your audience through video marketing.

Video marketing has exploded in response to consumer behavior. Audiences are watching videos on multiple channels for an average of two-plus hours per day and the content created touches on everything from branded stories to how-to videos, case studies with testimonials to thought leadership pieces. Have you taken stock of how aware your potential customers are of your brand through your video content?

Three Types of Video Content

According to this extensive piece on video marketing, marketers today say the most important thing on their minds is making a solid human connection with their videos. They try to achieve this by sharing stories, triumphs and struggles.

Coming in second to creating a human connection is simply informing the target audience. These are videos that provide an inside look at products and services and showcase how they can solve a consumer problem.

Rounding out the top three is the educational video, which serves a practical purpose as it guides users through a structured training session that unlocks the potential of a product or service. These videos also have an audience of potential customers who are looking to deepen their education about something they might soon purchase.

Wasted Potential

According to the Content Marketing Institute 2023 Video Survey, only 7% of respondents say they’re using video marketing to its full potential.

So, what could produce better results? According to the findings of the survey, respondents said:

  • More money
  • More resources
  • Better distribution
  • More talent and participation
  • Better training
  • Better equipment
  • Better quality of videos

All of these needs can be crossed off the list by simply outsourcing to a professional video marketing production company that does this type of work for clients in a large number of industries.

If you’re seeing lackluster results with your video marketing output, consider partnering with SJC Marketing. We’ll build a strategy for you that accounts for the needs of your target audience, and we’ll produce the content for distribution on the channels that will have the biggest impact on your audience.

Contact us and let’s talk about our process and how we help you create an effective video marketing strategy to make your brand shine.

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