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Tips for Winning Over Gen Z With TikTok Marketing

Short, entertaining and informative content is the best path toward TikTok marketing success.

Every social media channel has its own unique set of best practices. TikTok is no different, and it is key to follow TikTok marketing guidelines if you’re going to make a splash with your audience.

But what if your audience falls squarely into the Gen Z demographic? Born between 1997 and 2012, this generation of spenders is a new target for marketers. Let’s dive into a few of the traits that should be catered to in your TikTok marketing.

Values First

Did you know that almost 45% of Gen Zers say that they are most impressed with brands that are transparent and trustworthy? They value values, so to speak. What does that mean for your TikTok marketing content? Try focusing on what makes your company tick rather than selling a product or service.

An example would be a clothing company that instead of producing content focused on selling a specific style of shirt or pants, produces content that shows how the clothing is made in an ethical, eco-conscious way.

Be Entertaining

Like all consumers, Gen Zers value information, but they also prefer TikTok videos that entertain them while providing educational insights. This includes content that is offered in a more personal setting rather than a sterile or corporate environment.

Dupe Them

“Dupes,” which is short for duplicates of more expensive products, is not a new trend on TikTok, but it’s still hitting big with Gen Z. This generation is on the lookout for quality products at lower prices. The takeaway here, other than the fact that #Dupes has 3.5 billion views and counting, is that you should focus your content on delivering value. Discounts, free shipping and other enticements tend to work.

Be Authentic

There’s an authenticity theme running among Gen Zers. Just as they appreciate personalized production over corporate glitz, they also prefer unpolished, lo-fi content rather than anything that is overproduced with a high-dollar production budget.

Their preference is for authenticity, but they also appreciate reactive, quick and simple content.

Need assistance creating content for your TikTok marketing efforts? SJC Marketing is here to guide you. Whether it’s the Gen Z audience, Baby Boomers or demographics in between, we can help you with content that speaks to your target audience. Contact us and let’s talk about building a strategy that gets more eyes on your content.

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