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Could TikTok Play a Valuable Role in Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Attract the attention of a wider audience by utilizing TikTok’s platform for your B2B marketing efforts.

TikTok, the platform where young people show off their crazy dance moves or the latest trendy challenge, is just a place for teens to share their fun right? Maybe during the first year following the launch of the app, but that sentiment no longer holds true. It has become an important focus of B2B marketing.

Yes, 60% of TikTok users are under 30, but a portion of that crowd is in a position to make B2B buying decisions and there’s a good chance they’re on TikTok daily. The site has a billion users and almost 20% of them are between the ages of 30 and 49, which means there are also senior-level decision-makers using the app.

It’s time to consider TikTok as a potential part of your B2B marketing strategy in 2023.

Adaptive Use

TikTok is designed to cater to users’ preferences. if a user is researching digital transformation content, the app will begin feeding the user’s page more content like that. For example, a recent search by the team at MarTech found that the hashtag #digitaltransformation garnered 14.5 million views.

It’s no wonder that big brands involved in assisting companies through their digital transformation process are building content for their TikTok accounts and you can do the same for your specific market.

Follow the Trend

Nearly one quarter of marketers have put increasing brand awareness at the top of their goals for the year. Through the creative outlet of TikTok, you can pull in more viewers, make them aware of the value you offer and nurture them into the buy cycle.

The beauty of TikTok in B2B marketing is that there are basically no rules. If the content warrants it, you can post a ten-minute video. Many creators, not limited to B2B, have the most success with 24- to 31-second videos. And while standard ads on TikTok are nine to 15 seconds in length, the B2B audience is usually more inclined to stay on a video for up to two minutes.

Outsource Your Creative

If creating videos for TikTok and other social media platforms is not something you are comfortable with or lack the time for, leave it to SJC Marketing. We can do all the research for you and create your content for a B2B audience. Contact us and allow us to do the heavy creative lifting for your brand.

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