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Data-Driven Marketing Without Manipulation

There are many benefits to maintaining an ethical and consistent data-driven marketing strategy.

Using data the right way can help your company engage with your target audience in a highly effective way. Data-driven marketing is key to making vital connections that can turn into loyal customers.

You may find that you have more data than you know what to do with, but when used intentionally, data-driven marketing can help you learn more about your target audience and craft your messaging in more specific ways that speak to the consumers most likely to buy from you.

Once you’ve attracted them and maintained a consistent edge with your messaging, you develop more loyalty among your customers, you are able to nurture them more effectively and you could see conversion rates improve.

Avoiding Manipulation

Consumers are savvy. They know when they are being advertised to and they know not to trust a company that stretches the truth about what they’re offering. Stretching the truth is a fast way to turn away potential customers who will spread the word about your unethical approach to marketing.

You can also lose their trust by not being forthcoming about anything that could negatively impact the customer experience. Rather, your goal in data-driven marketing should be to present balanced content. Furthermore, your data should back up your claims about your offerings, so use statistics to validate your claims.

Finding the Right Message

You have precious few moments in your marketing to grab the attention of your audience and keep them interested. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages daily and don’t tend to retain more than a few of them. Only the content that matters will stick with them, which is why you need to choose your words, audio and visuals carefully.

Data-driven marketing will help you dial in on what interests your target audience the most, giving you the ability to make fact-based decisions about content that really works. Data-driven marketing also informs you about where your audience goes for content and when they are most likely to be there.

At SJC Marketing, we have utilized data to make a huge impact for our clients since the beginning. We know what data is important to guide marketing decisions for your brand and how to create content that speaks to your target audience. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you create a data-driven strategy.

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