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Unexpected Advantages of Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is often touted as a great place for marketing if you’re in retail or strictly B2C, but B2B Facebook marketing efforts also gain traction on this platform. Those who have found success say Facebook offers the ability to pinpoint desired B2B audiences and make inroads with them. But what are some of the more unexpected benefits that your company might see when using this platform as a marketing tool?

Powerful Leads

Facebook’s Ads Manager continues to evolve and find even more ways to individualize promoted content so it connects with the right audiences. Its integrated lead generation template can distribute automated messages through the site’s Messenger service and provide an analysis of the responses.

This means instead of having people dedicated to constantly checking in with Messenger, they can stay productive and wait for the results to come back so they can tell which leads are worth pursuing.

Keep Your Competitors Close

Nearly two billion people use Facebook every day. There is a huge pool of professionals out there checking the site; not just for personal use and keeping up with old friends and acquaintances, but watching what’s going on in the professional world around them.

There are even situations where competitors use the site to share ideas in a mutually beneficial way. Business and personal development might be the calling card of LinkedIn, but these are also perks you can find with Facebook.

Capitalizing on Keywords

Facebook doesn’t claim to be a competitor to Google, but you can use Facebook’s keyword search to see a large variety of content from news to photos, videos to simple status updates that can help you find Facebook marketing information.

Search for anything from events to people, businesses to subjects and you’ll likely come up with some interesting results. You could even find a new business network connection.

There are so many social media platforms out there today and they each work differently. Keeping up your marketing efforts alone can be a huge task, especially if you’re a small business juggling many different roles.

At SJC Marketing, we’re the experts who know how to connect with audiences on social media. When you have SJC on your side you don’t need to be a social media marketing expert ­– leave that to us. For more information about how we provide value to our clients, contact us today.

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