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Are You Looking for Improved Engagement With Facebook Marketing?

Create quality content for a more impactful Facebook marketing efforts.

Are you experiencing less engagement with your Facebook Marketing lately? While Facebook is the third most-visited website behind Google and YouTube, it’s still difficult to build a large following. There’s just a lot of competition out there, which means you need to re-evaluate how you’re using the platform.

Algorithms are constantly changing and a recent one makes it more difficult for your posts to reach the desired number of followers. The change means your posts will probably only get in front of around 2% of your followers. For companies looking to build their brand, this is not promising news. But don’t lose faith. There are plenty of things you can do to get the message about your brand out there.

Smarter Ad Choices

If you have a budget for paying for Facebook marketing ads and you’ve been using this tool for years, you have probably noticed there are frequent changes in how you can target a specific audience. For example, let’s say you have a post that you want to boost, but not for all of your followers, just those in a specific location. You have the option to only boost the post to those followers in the ad center.

Some Facebook users don’t think it’s worth their time or money to bother with Facebook ads, and while it might cost more now than it once did to get value out of it, it’s still an effective tool for reaching your audience.

Reaching Fatigued Users

Is Facebook listening to your conversations and sending you ads based on those chats? No. It’s just a great algorithm that helps them push those ads your way, but it goes to show how this pervasive thought mirrors the skepticism consumers and Facebook users have about the platform.

Regardless, your Facebook marketing has to be more personalized if you’re going to reach followers in a more organic way and without them thinking they’re being targeted. Dig deeper into what your audience is interested in and create content that reflects those interests. When content informs your followers and educates them, you can beat the fatigue.

Your Facebook marketing gets a significant boost when you’re connected with a marketing professional that knows how to create content and effectively distribute it. From going organic to buying ads to boosting posts, there is an art and a science to it. If you’re not getting what you expected out of your Facebook marketing efforts, contact us and let’s work together.

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