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Monday Morning Coffee With the Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp

SJC Marketing shares one of their favorite places to grab a delicious drink on date night.

In case you hadn’t heard (although we’re pretty sure you did), the Kansas City Chiefs will return to St. Joseph this month for Chiefs Training Camp! We know what you’re thinking, “what does Chiefs Training Camp have to do with marketing and SJC Marketing in particular?” Nothing, really. But we’re Chiefs fans, and having it in St. Joseph is GREAT for the city, so we decided to put together a guide for making the most of Chiefs Training Camp this year.



First Things First – Coffee

You didn’t think we’d write a Monday Morning Coffee blog and NOT mention coffee, did you? Anyways, to ensure you have a fantastic time at Chiefs Training Camp, you need to be wide awake and full of energy. Enter, coffee. We recommend stopping at one of these local shops:

Hazels coffee

Where is Chiefs Training Camp?

Chances are you know the answer to this question, and you’ve probably even been in recent years. But just in case, Chiefs Training Camp is held on the campus of Missouri Western State University. This will be the 12th Chiefs Training Camp held at Missouri Western.

Tickets for Chiefs Training Camp must be reserved ahead of time. No more just showing up and walking in. Most practices are still free to attend, with the exception of a few dates. You will have to pay a small fee to park, but that money goes to support Missouri Western Athletics, so no complaining!

To reserve your tickets, and any other logistical information you may need, visit: their website.

What Should I do After Chiefs Training Camp?

 We’re so glad you asked! St. Joseph has plenty of family friendly options to make a day of it. Most practices will end mid-morning, so you may want to kill a little bit of time before grabbing lunch. We recommend heading over to Rally House to stock up on Chiefs gear and get ready for another great season.

We would definitely recommend sticking around St. Joseph to grab lunch at one of our favorite local spots. No matter the kind of food you are feeling that day, St. Joseph has something for everyone. Here are some of our local choices that are close to Missouri Western:


So, there you have it! Your day trip to the Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp in St. Joseph is planned! We hope you make it out to at least one practice this summer and take full advantage of the awesome opportunity we have in this city. Here’s to another successful season of Chiefs football!

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