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The Importance of Telling Your Brand Story

Pull in more consumers and attract employees with a brand story that captivates them.

There was a time when company culture was only a catchphrase, but today, job applicants are on the hunt for a company culture they want to be part of. Consumers are also looking for brands they can align with – brands that display a company culture that fits their values. If you’re looking to fill positions with quality applicants or simply trying to convince a larger audience to try your product, telling your brand story is the way to make a solid connection.

Evaluate Your Values

A brand story that builds connections is one built around values. When was the last time you took a careful look at the mission of your organization? What really makes you tick as an organization? Answering these questions can help you determine what your values are today, because they might have changed over time. Tracking those changes is important as you begin to craft your brand story.

Ultimately, it’s your values that will draw people to you, whether it’s a customer or a new employee. Those shared values are critical for establishing a sense of loyalty to your brand.

Tell Your Story

Creating content that essentially tells all about who you are as a brand can be difficult, but the essence of it is quite simple: The things you value and make part of your mission will be the foundation of your brand story, so build it up from there and your content will attract the right people.

The more authentic you can be and the more true you can be to your values and mission, the more impact your content will have on the emotions of your target audience. And just like your company culture, your brand story will touch everything you do. From your website to your social media, your email marketing, news releases, events and paid ads – they all offer you a chance to get your story out there.

Partner With a Professional

From helping you express who you are as a brand through storytelling to developing a more comprehensive marketing strategy, working with a professional can be helpful.

At SJC Marketing, our mission is to help you get the word out about your brand, what you believe and what motivates you to work hard every day. We can help you craft a brand story that will be impactful, so contact us and let’s start the conversation today.

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