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Social Media Marketing Trends for Better Engagement

Partnering with a social media marketing expert can expand your brand’s image.

The dominant social media channels have remained largely the same for a while, save for TikTok, which is a relative newcomer at seven years old. Yet social media marketing tactics evolve quite frequently. To keep your engagement levels where you want them, it pays to keep track of trends and how they should inform your decisions regarding content and distribution.

A prime example is “edutainment,” which is a mashup of educational, informative content and entertainment. Some content creators are even referring to edutainment as a rule they follow to engage a larger audience. Whether it’s video content that uses humor to convey tips about economics or finances or using gamification to educate children, getting important information to users in a fun and interactive way is making waves.

In With the New

Dare to experiment with your social media marketing. Whether it’s making a gutsy move with new content or simply trying out a new channel for distributing content, trying out new techniques and monitoring how they play with your target audience can open up new avenues to heightened engagement. Remember, your audience evolves and so should your approach to creating content for them.

Build Community

The best social media posts pull in a variety of users who get involved in a conversation. You can do this in a more direct fashion by hosting chats and meetups. There are plenty of platforms out there, Slack and Discord being two of the more popular. Draw on your email list to invite followers to take part and be the catalyst for getting your followers involved with each other.

Diversify Your Platforms

Don’t be too reliant on one platform. It can be easy to focus all your energy and expertise on one area. To generate the most possible engagement for your brand, try social media marketing that puts your eggs in a variety of baskets instead of just one. Remember Google+? Think about the marketers who focused solely on that as their engagement platform and how they had to make a drastic pivot when Google+ went belly up.

Ask an Expert

Social media marketing is often a DIY endeavor for small businesses trying to get a foothold in their market. It seems to make fiscal sense to make a go of it on your own, but to really see value, you have to know what you’re doing. That’s why so many companies bring in an expert to assist them with their social media marketing outreach.

At SJC Marketing, we help clients of all sizes create strategies that generate interest among their target audiences. When you put us in charge of your social media marketing, you can focus on your business and let SJC boost your engagement for you. Contact us and let’s start the conversation about giving your brand a boost.

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