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Overcoming Low Engagement Trends With Better Social Media Marketing

Get more eyes on your content with assistance from social media marketing experts.

While every company has different ways of measuring engagement, overall engagement numbers have been decreasing. According to a report from NetBase Quid, brands are realizing less organic engagement in 2023. Social media marketing trends regarding users’ activity can ebb and flow but is there a way to see an overall uptick despite recent numbers?

According to the report, posting frequency is down roughly 20% on Facebook and Twitter, which could be the lackluster numbers coming from users. The takeaway here is that staying active matters, but make sure the content you post is engaging and relevant to your target market.

The report also showed that social media users weren’t as excited about giveaways this year, which is a surprise because offering something for free usually boosts engagement. One constant is hashtags, which, when used wisely, offer a big return on the amount of investment you put into your social media posts. The report from NetBase shows that brands using hashtags, especially over the holidays, were able to hit their engagement goals.

Utilizing TikTok

TikTok boasts a billion-plus users and it’s often touted by marketing professionals as a go-to channel for increasing sales through social media marketing. While it’s the third most popular social commerce channel, you have a better chance of having your content connect with younger audiences, as about 47.4% of the audience is 29 and under.

Your posts, regardless of the age of the audience you’re appealing to, have a better chance of engagement than most other channels. For example, TikTok’s median engagement rate per post by followers is 5.6% compared to Instagram’s 0.47% and Twitter’s .035%.

What Are You Posting?

Every industry has a different approach to posts that works best for that target market. Is Facebook your preferred channel? Keep in mind that Facebook users respond much better to video and photo posts than they do to link and status posts.

The best use of your efforts on Instagram is to develop content for Reels and carousels. It’s the same for Twitter, as posts that rely on links to engage the users do a poor job of engaging.

Don’t forget about the importance of hashtags in your social media marketing. They still matter and will differ per industry, so doing the research is integral to successful outcomes.

Partner with an Expert

Every company has to roll with the ebb and flow of trends and social media usage, but staying on top of content creation can help you avoid the lackluster engagement that your competitors experience.

Getting assistance from social media professionals can provide a big return on your investment. At SJC, we help our clients with their social media marketing so they can focus on running their businesses. Want to know more about what we do? Contact us and let’s talk about getting more eyes on your brand.

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