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Should You Focus on Short-Form Video for Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Your video marketing strategy will probably incorporate both long and short videos to address different needs.

Even if you don’t use TikTok or Instagram to enjoy short-form video, it’s likely that you’ve noticed that short-form videos are becoming a dominant media format. But you can also see why; punchy and often fun, these videos convey complex ideas in a quick hit. Should you be focusing on them in your video marketing strategy?

While short-form videos are exciting and provide a different kind of challenge for your marketing team, this is one area where it’s good to have a strategic approach rather than blindly following a trend. Let’s talk about when it’s best to use short-form or long video in your video marketing.

Where Short-Form Shines

There are a few considerations that will likely prompt you to include shorter videos in your overall strategy:

  • Mobile Viewing: People spend a lot of time on their phones, but they are probably not likely to spend a long time watching one video on a mobile device.
  • Costs: Short-form video takes less effort and resources than an hour-long deep dive video, so it’s a great way to keep your video marketing budget-friendly.
  • Brand Awareness: If one of your marketing goals is centered on getting attention on your brand, short-form video caters to those viewers that are interested, but not likely to spend an hour learning the really detailed aspects of your product.
  • Short Content: Some messages are critical but they are simple and easy to explain. You may only need 30 seconds to explain a key benefit of your product.

When You Need a Longer Option

Just because short-form is trending doesn’t mean that long videos aren’t important anymore. They also can play a critical role in your marketing:

  • SEO: Long videos mean that people are staying on your site for longer periods of time, and search engines like that.
  • Reach: You’re probably going to get more shares from a longer video. It’s more of a detailed format, so a viewer is likely to read it and think, “I know someone that could use this information,” and then share it.
  • Backlinks: In a long video, you are getting into the details and probably including some specifics, like facts and stats. The more information you have, the more likely it is to be of value to someone and the more likely you are to generate backlinks.
  • Conversions: Longer videos don’t tend to be designed for the casual visitor. They are more for people trying to make a final decision. It’s your opportunity to convince your audience that you’re the right buy.

Do you know how to match your video marketing strategy to your marketing goals? At SJC Marketing, we help you create a comprehensive, momentum-building approach that leads to growth. Contact us to get started!


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