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Monday Morning Coffee With the Trail Theatre

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Most people have good memories of sitting in a dark movie theater with popcorn, a soda, your favorite candy and the anticipation of the movie you are about to experience.  It’s a great place to get away and forget about the world outside.

The Trail Theatre in downtown St. Joseph has reopened for a completely new, yet retro, movie experience. When it originally opened in 1951, the one-screen venue was considered one of the city’s most modern theaters. It closed its doors in 2007.

The Trail Theatre is offering a trip back in time, but with all modern technology for moviegoers.

The building sat vacant for many years as talk in the community circulated about the possibility of new owners ready to take on the project of bringing the historic building back to life.

Co-owners and brothers, Andy and Austin Montee, are the two who have made it happen. With much community support the theatre opened again on July 28th.

The restoration process added modern technology while keeping the building and fixtures true to its history.

For many in our community, this reopening has been a great time to reminisce about special memories made at the Trail Theatre from years past. For some that was where they saw their first movie.

“I grew up in another town and my mom and aunt brought me, my sister and our two cousins to see Star Wars at The Trail in 1977. I was 10 at the time. I will never forget the magic of that opening music… man I still get chills.” Christine said on Facebook.

Now it’s time to make new memories at The Trail Theatre. We are excited to see a historic part of St. Joseph reopened for a new generation.

The Trail Theatre originally opened in 1951. Today it offers a mix of retro fun with modern technology.

To keep up on dates, times and showings check out their Facebook page.


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