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Social Media Marketing for 2023: Trends to Watch

Following trends in social media marketing can boost consumer engagement.

With 2022 quickly nearing the end, it’s time to look forward to 2023 and the potential social media marketing trends that could impact organizations that want to up their engagement with consumers.

Clearly, social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, also owned by Facebook, will continue to be players in social media marketing strategies across the board, but what about TikTok and Twitter?

TikTok Explosion

TikTok is predicted to explode in 2023. This video-sharing platform has experienced massive growth over the last year. TikTok generated $4 billion in advertising revenue last year and that number is expected to triple by 2026, so it’s obvious that brands are finding success here.

The content creation trend is leaning toward a “human first” approach for brands looking to connect with a wider audience on TikTok, which is a common theme in many types of marketing. Rather than focusing solely on promoting products/services, brands are finding more success by connecting to the audience on a personal level.

TikTok is no longer known as the channel where tweens flock to take on dance challenges. And while there is still plenty of that to see, the demographics show that nearly 70% of the audience is 20 or older.

What About Facebook?

The rise of TikTok and other factors have taken the youngest consumers away from Facebook. However, the platform is far from being an out-of-date channel for social media marketing content. There are changes afoot: namely, Zuckerberg and crew are going to focus on showing content that is recommended rather than just seeing content from those you follow. This means they will use artificial intelligence (AI) to put information in front of you that they think you will want to see.

Is there an advantage? Keep in mind that TikTok is a short-form video platform, but Facebook isn’t limited to that. Rather, marketers can take advantage of using images, text, links, news updates, group updates and long-form video in the content. And if AI is effective in getting more organic promotion, your content could land in front of a wider audience than before.

Tough Tweets

With new boss Elon Musk on board at Twitter, this platform is the toughest to predict for 2023. With 450 million active monthly users, you can’t rule out Twitter if you know your target audience resides there. As you plan your 2023 marketing strategy for Twitter, you should know that consumers have said they want to see more videos, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The second most in-demand type of content includes emails and newsletters followed by images. Blog articles and downloadable PDF content round out the list of consumer demands for Twitter.

If you want to prepare for 2023 with more relevant and impactful content, contact us at SJC. We’ve got our ear to the ground and know what social media marketing trends to follow.

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