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Making Connections With Your Social Media Marketing

Build your social media marketing strategy around developing trust with your target audience.

You know how important it is to get content about your brand in front of your target audience, but they are getting pelted by thousands of other brands that are also putting out content in their social media marketing campaigns. And while influencers continue to gain traction, it isn’t all about popularity; consumers today are highly influenced by authenticity.

According to a study by Partipost, marketers often think of quality as the top consideration, but consumers do not. In fact, when brands give a three-star rating to quality in terms of its importance, consumers give it one.

Conversely, consumers give authenticity three stars, whereas brands only give it one. This doesn’t mean consumers don’t care about quality, because they clearly do, but when it comes to establishing loyalty to a brand, they are heavily invested in the authenticity aspect of the relationship.

Online Relationships

There are so many places for consumers to establish online relationships. Social media marketing must focus on establishing your company culture’s footprint where your target audience goes. Because consumers are continuously bombarded with content, they can quickly discern what’s relevant.

Let’s say you’re working toward establishing more relationships with your target audience on Facebook. If you’re in a hurry to create content and randomly post to see what sticks without regard to the authenticity of the content, you’re not going to connect with your audience. They want an authentic connection.

Building Trust

Quality content, which is authentic and progresses your relationship with your target audience, includes many social media marketing elements, including visuals. But the most important elements of your message to consumers, whether you are a B2C or B2B company, can only be accomplished when you know your audience.

The best social media marketing campaigns fully examine the exact needs of the audience they’re working to impress. They build content that is an answer to those needs. These elements will differ by brand, as each audience has its own unique characteristics. Some audiences will respond better to content that explains how their products are used while others will be more responsive to posts that speak the company culture of a brand.

When you work with a professional team of marketing experts, you can build content that matters. At SJC, we assist organizations in building more authentic material that engages audiences of all types. Contact us and learn more about our approach to making better connections.

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