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Harnessing Digital Audio to Build Brand Awareness

It’s not just about making the sale; marketing is building brand awareness for longevity and loyalty.

You’re not just competing with other brands. You’re competing with noise. Everyone wants to grab consumers’ attention and building brand awareness may be more challenging than ever.

But there’s a way to build brand awareness in an arena you may not have considered: digital audio.

Statista reports that 57% of consumers in the United States listen to audio podcasts. You’re not surprised, are you? Podcasts have become such an integrated part of our entertainment and infotainment world that you can’t get through a dinner party conversation without someone referencing one.

Even so, some brands have snatched up the opportunity to reach podcast audiences while others linger on the fringes, waiting to see if it’s really going to take off. Guess what? It has, and it’s time to jump in.

Focus on Context: You want to introduce your brand within content that makes sense as a partner to your brand. For instance, you wouldn’t want to invest in advertising for your organic makeup brand on a show focused on mentoring men, and a tractor company wouldn’t want to advertise on a podcast designed for urban dwellers. Context is important.

You want to reach your audiences where they hang out. With Americans spending five or six hours a day on their mobile devices, it’s pretty easy to make an argument for digital audio ads. But deciding specifically where to put those dollars is also important.

Keep the Personalization Going: One of the benefits of being careful about the context of how you invest in digital audio is that your consumers will already feel like you get them. You can continue to personalize each interaction you have with them by segmenting your audiences based on the podcast where they first heard of you. Continue tailoring content for those small audience segments.

That means that you’re creating content with different formats and topics. For instance, if you have a wide age range in your audiences, you might find that you need to tailor some content for the Facebook crowd and other content for Instagram. You may need a mix of live video and blog posts, and your topics may cover different paid points for different segments of your audience.

Building brand awareness often works best when you start investing in an area your competitors haven’t yet discovered, such as digital audio. To learn more about how to get started advertising with podcasts, contact us at SJC Marketing.

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