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Should Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Include TikTok?

Your social media marketing strategy should keep with the latest trends, and today that means engaging on TikTok.

Just when you think you’ve got the hang of social media marketing, hitting your stride with those Instagram and LinkedIn posts and a little Facebook mixed in, the social world throws in another trick. TikTok is quickly gaining on other platforms, and if you want to gain an early edge on your competition, now is the time to get started with TikTok.

Whether you’ve engaged on TikTok or not, the site is having an outsized influence on social media marketing. Short-form video has become the preferred vehicle for consumers wanting to know more about a product.

If getting your message to within 30 seconds seems daunting, consider that, on the flip side, TikTok videos also tend to be authentic and free of heavy editing. In some ways they are challenging, but you get a break in other areas.

Once you’ve opened up a TikTok profile, there are three types of videos you should prioritize as you get started:

Instructional: TikTok is the perfect place for FAQs or a how-to that isn’t enough material to create lengthy content. It might be a little-known use for your product or a quick explanation of a feature. Every instructional video should add value with information and practical tips.

Entertainment: You probably first heard of TikTok as a vehicle for learning dance trends or pulling a funny prank. The entertainment component of TikTok is still a vibrant part of the platform, so this is a great spot for showing off your humor. Create your own dance challenge or participate in an existing one or capture office pranks, the workplace pet or someone’s amusing work habits.

Trailers: Great social media marketing always leads to a next step, and you can use a TikTok video as a teaser for some of your other valuable content. Maybe you have a fantastic white paper for those who want to dig deep or a best-of blog series that you think needs an extra highlight.

You should never get too comfortable with your social media marketing strategy, because change is always coming! If you need help navigating new trends or want a few tips on tightening up your social strategy, contact us at SJC Marketing.

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