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How TikTok is Shaping Your Content Marketing Strategy

There’s room for TikTok in your content marketing strategy, and it’s probably already affecting your content.

TikTok is gaining influence in the social media world, dominating Gen Z conversations about where they found a certain product or brand and how they search when they want to find a company. Should you be making room in your content marketing strategy for TikTok?

Regardless of whether TikTok itself is included in your content marketing strategy; it is making an impact on it. Even if you aren’t ready for your brand to make an appearance on TikTok, you’re likely seeing the effects of the platform.

There are two critical areas where you can see the influence of TikTok, even if you’ve never been on the site:

Short is Sweeter: Consumers are becoming less willing to slog through long content if it’s a concept that can be conveyed in a short content format. In other words, they will read a white paper if it’s a highly technical, complex topic, but if you are sharing a brand message, concise is better.

TikTok’s short messages demand that brands don’t waste a second. Dissecting the best TikTok content shows you that a smart video packs in a lot and recognizes that its audience can be a lot of places besides watching your video.

Prioritize Authenticity: TikTok’s popularity serves to convey an important message. The flawless videos and images that were ideal for Instagram may no longer be great for brand engagement. People don’t want to be reminded that they’re imperfect or that there is this unachievable ideal out there. They want to connect on a human level, with humor and authenticity, and that’s what TikTok is all about.

If you’re the type scared off by new social media trends, we’re here to help. SJC Marketing stays on top of emerging content marketing ideas so that you can focus on your business. Contact us to talk about how you should be adapting to new trends while still being very much you.

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