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Is Marketing Just Best Guesses?

Your marketing decisions should be focused on your audience, but who knows what their audiences want?

Every time you write a blog, create a video or talk to your followers on a live feed, you’re wondering: am I getting it right? You might think of marketing as a series of best guesses, but as a recent campaign from Mailchimp points out, it shouldn’t be this trial-and-error, gut-level, darts-in-the-dark approach.

Mailchimp recently debuted their “Guess Less, Sell More” campaign, a clever series of slightly confusing but also absurd concepts. For instance, one ad invites you to contemplate what initially appears to be a sandwich…then the sandwich is part of a sandal, and the sandal is being worn by a witch. A sandwich sandal-wearing witch?

But the message is that it leaves you guessing about what the ad is saying and what the product is, which is never what you want in marketing. And Mailchimp is pointing out that they have a lot of data to work with so your marketing requires a lot less guessing. Which is exactly what you want.

Know Your Audience: If you’ve dipped even the tip of your tiniest toe into marketing, you’ve heard that you should know your audience. You need to know what they’re into, what their pain points are and what kinds of circumstances would make it likely that they will buy your product.

Know How to Know Your Audience: This step is critical. You shouldn’t be guessing. Every company has an employee that bases all of their customer perceptions on a conversation or two. Don’t be your company’s version of that employee.

Yes, marketing has a lot of nuance and art to it, but it’s also just as much science. You need data to inform your decisions about who your target audience is and what they want. You may find that it blows up all assumptions about why your product might appeal to them and what their priorities are.

Segment and Personalize: Once you know a lot about your target audience, it’s important that you segment them based on demographics, job roles or pain points. Take it a step further and create buyer personas. If you have a specific person you are picturing, it will be easier to create content for them.

Call in the Experts: At SJC Marketing, we are a team that blends the art and science of marketing to create successful campaigns with no guesswork. Not sure what your audience wants? Contact us and let’s talk about how to reach your audience effectively and with the right messages.

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