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4 Web Design Predictions for the Future

Web design in the future will likely offer more streamlined coding, so that web sites are easy to spin up.

To predict the future of web design, it’s likely most helpful to look at the past. For instance, there’s been a constant pursuit of user-friendliness and speed improvement. That’s true of any technological advancement; it’s always better to be easier and faster.

Predicting specific web design trends is more challenging. For instance, who could have predicted that everyone would be more likely to search on a mobile device instead of a desktop computer? Factors like how government regulations affect web design must be considered, too.

So, there are plenty of unknowns in the future of web design, but here are four trends you can probably count on seeing emerge:

Conversational Web Design: The introduction of chatbots has helped facilitate the increasingly interactive-based design of websites. As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to advance, you’ll see more elements of web design that make the most of the ability to talk with customers as they explore your site.

Personalization: In the same vein, you’ll see customization become smarter. This is also based on the potential that machine learning and artificial intelligence have for analyzing past behaviors and predicting what a visitor to your site might be interested in seeing. These technologies are just beginning to emerge, and there is a lot of potential there for a highly-customized experience.

Easy Coding Tools: Right now, there are a handful of sites that allow you to construct a website relatively easily. The downsides are that you might make some concessions in areas like customization and your site is likely to get buggy more quickly than a from-scratch design from a web developer.

Soon, these DIY options will be noticeably smarter, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a place for web developers. Their tools will also grow more advanced and it may be even more advantageous to turn your web design over to a professional in terms of speed of development and cost-effectiveness.

Responsiveness: This is the continuation of an existing technology, which allows websites to adjust how things are viewed and clicked based on the device you are using. In the future, the types of devices you use to access websites might expand to items like mirrors or glasses, so responsiveness will continue to expand and change.

At SJC Marketing, we stay on top of web design trends so that you can count on getting the best of what’s available. Contact us to get started on your web update.

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