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Mixing Up Digital Marketing With an Infographic

If you want a new format to mix up visual content in your digital marketing strategy, try an infographic.

If you want to engage audiences, visual content is key. Visual images are processed by humans at a rate 60,000 times faster than text. Images also stick better and for longer; only about 10% of information heard is retained, while the same information paired with an image allows for 65% retention. These are all good reasons to include visual content in your digital marketing campaign.

With the average consumer watching 17 hours of video each week, you might wonder if there’s even room for your brand to be seen and heard. There is, but we will save how you can stand out in a crowd with your videos for another blog.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try some other formats in your digital marketing strategy. Infographics, for instance, are a great way to share information in a way that is still visual, but engages viewers in a different format than video.

Infographics are a particularly good fit when you have a lot of statistics and information to share. What could be a boring video listing numbers and facts could instead be made into a fun and engaging infographic. Here are some guidelines for creating yours:

Make it Responsive: How does your infographic appear on a smartphone? Since most people will view it there, make sure it loads quickly and is easy to view.

Use Consistency: Infographics can be fun because they are a way to implement fun graphics and visuals, but make sure you are sticking with your brand’s look and tone.

Embrace Quality: If you don’t have a graphic designer in-house, this might be a project to outsource. You will want your infographic to look sharp.

Give Credit: Whether you’re pulling stats from several resources or just one, be sure to include the reference at the bottom. Your audience is looking for evidence that they can trust you and they may want to do some additional reading about the topic.

Use Good Content Principles: Just like any other type of content, you’re going to apply a few simple guidelines, such as making sure you are adding value by solving a problem, providing insights or offering information. You should also include keywords for search engine optimization.

Your digital marketing strategy may be full plans for great videos or engaging Instagram reels, but you might want to consider mixing things up with an infographic. Contact us at SJC Marketing to make an infographic that engages audiences and converts leads to customers.

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