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Digital Marketing and AI: Friends or Foes?

People are utilizing AI in many ways, but for digital marketing, it might not be the best fit.

ChatGPT is all the rage. Its release in November 2022 pushed the conversation about artificial intelligence into new realms, generating equal parts of fear and promise. But for your digital marketing efforts, is ChatGPT capable of creating content that will help your target audience? If you’re trying to impart humor in some of your content, research shows that AI can’t match human-generated content.

According to a study from Cornell University that put ChatGPT to the humor test, the technology didn’t fare so well. “Over 90% of 1,008 generated jokes were the same 25 Jokes. The system accurately explains valid jokes but also comes up with fictional explanations for invalid jokes.”

Humor, Plagiarism and Quality of Writing

While using humor is a good way to attract an audience, originality is what’s at stake. It’s one of the biggest criticisms of ChatGPT thus far – you could get caught plagiarizing. Wired published a piece on the topic in January, bringing to light the fact that universities are now having to rethink the definition of plagiarism. More importantly, when the quality of the writing was examined, researchers found it to be lacking.

Earning Trust

Companies invest a lot in their reputations. They work hard to establish a consistent brand, from their company logo to their social media content to their approach to onboarding employees. All that hard work can be sullied by taking a shortcut and disseminating digital marketing content that is meant to establish you as a thought leader in your industry. Instead, the content is perceived as unoriginal and it may also be of low quality. This can have the reverse effect of what was intended.

Partner with a Professional

The best digital marketing content comes from researching the wants and needs of the target audience and meticulously crafting content that answers those wants and needs. That’s what a professional digital marketing company can offer you.

At SJC Marketing we know the value ChatGPT can provide in some areas but we also know the outcomes of high-quality content. There is a lot of value in creating content that speaks to a specific audience in an original, well-crafted and meaningful way. Contact us and let’s talk about creating content that inspires your audience.

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