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Does AI Have a Place in Your Content Marketing?

Outsource to a content marketing expert instead of relying on unproven technology, such as ChatGPT.

It seems there is always a new algorithm: a new way to use keywords, hashtags or links that you need to know about, and this part of the content creation process can be difficult to keep up with. The latest topic to land on many content creators’ desks is ChatGPT, which is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OPenAI. It only launched a few months ago but is getting some attention. But should you utilize it for your content marketing?

We want to share some things for you to think about:

Robotic Content

First and foremost, ChatGPT phrases developed by this technology can be detected as non-human. While speaking directly and avoiding colloquialisms is a best practice in good writing and speaking, idioms are not always a bad thing.

Better late than never; A dime a dozen; A blessing in disguise; It’s a piece of cake

ChatGPT has a tough time with idioms like these and rarely if ever will generate content including them. Algorithms detecting a lack of idioms will flag that content as being derived from a robot, which is not a good thing for your results in search.

Just the Facts

A recent article shows how quality content creation is not viable through ChatGPT, using the technology itself to prove why you can’t start firing out blogs in seconds and expect them to land with your audience. Users posted ridiculous tasks and were given responses that were equally as ridiculous, such as, “write the intro to a white paper on the use of cats as mobility devices for the elderly.” The AI response was a six-sentence paragraph promoting the use of cats as a valid means of getting an elderly person from point A to point B.

Simply put, making up facts can kill the reputation of a brand and it seems AI-generated content is capable of doing just that.

A Step Back from Personalization

Your company culture needs to be evident in everything about your brand. It’s how your target audience develops a kinship with you – they feel like they are personally attached to your brand because of your content. Unfortunately, AI doesn’t know anything about you as a brand and will fail to inject any of your unique personality traits into its content.

Outsource to Real People

You need content created by people who understand the needs of your customers and embrace your company culture, know how to put your personality out in front of the right people and build relationships based on facts. That’s what we do at SJC Marketing. Contact us and see how we build organic content that speaks to your customers.

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