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Monday Morning Coffee: We Tip Our Mugs to the Contributions of Women During Women’s History Month

Learn more about businesses in St. Joe and the surrounding area by joining SJC Marketing for Monday Morning Coffee.

As a woman-owned business, SJC Marketing was proud this month to celebrate the contributions of women in the business world. Over the past few weeks, our company recognized the unique and valuable work that many women have engaged in that has allowed businesses and industries to progress.


“We find that this was an ideal time to take a moment from our everyday work and look around to recognize that, without the ingenuity, hard work and creativity of women in business, none of us would be enjoying the work we do,” said Susan Campbell, President and CEO of SJC Marketing.

Honoring women during Women's History Month

“If you think about how businesses have progressed and where we are headed, we are each a part of that history, too. Every time we innovate or even contribute to the momentum around a particular marketing trend, that’s taking part in history. As a woman who owns a forward-focused marketing agency, I find it important to recognize the women that have equipped me to do my work. And I like to think I’m paving a path for future women in business,” said Campbell.

The team at SJC Marketing found that one of the best ways to celebrate Women’s History Month was with a simple expression of gratitude. They reached out to local women business leaders and business owners to communicate their appreciation for their contribution to women’s history.

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To those business leaders and owners that the team wanted to express their gratitude toward that were not local, the team sent emails to some to thank them for their work and wrote notes of appreciation to others.

This week, the team at SJC Marketing is pleased to tip our mugs to the women, both past and present, who continue to push boundaries for women in business. If you’d like to learn more about our women-owned business, contact us at SJC Marketing.

The women of SJC Marketing appreciate the women, both past and present, that make our work possible.



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