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A Look Ahead at Digital Marketing in 2024

Establish a better digital marketing strategy by partnering with a proven professional in the field.

It might be too early to start planning your New Year’s Eve party, but the time is right to start looking at digital marketing trends expected to hit in 2024 and how your organization will respond. Will artificial intelligence (AI) make an even bigger splash in 2024, and will video content continue to grow in importance? Let’s take a look at what might deserve some attention in the new year.

Monitoring the Competition

A long-held digital marketing tactic has been to see what’s working and what isn’t with competitors and use that information in decisions you’re making about your marketing content. Using specialized tools is becoming more popular and should be part of your strategy in 2024. Some marketing experts refer to this as “competitive intelligence” and there are some vital pieces of data you should be monitoring, including the following:

  • Keywords
    Which keywords are your competitors using that get the most traction?
  • Website Traffic
    Did you know you can gain insights into the competitive landscape with tools that analyze any online site? See which competitors’ pages are performing the best and why.
  • Search Monitoring
    Search monitoring tools like Daily Rank Tracker and others provide insights into what’s influencing search rankings.

While tools can provide valuable insights, simply keeping a better eye on what competitors are doing in specific channels will provide a wealth of knowledge.

AI Gets More Intense

Conversations about AI seem to evolve daily, but what aspects of it should you be aware of in 2024? Marketers are most invested in creating content, which has experts saying AI will increasingly be used for ushering in an optimized way of posting social media content in a timelier fashion. Also, AI is expected to assist in driving more data-driven content. But there are limits here also. If you’ve historically struggled to find the keywords that will be influential in your SEO, AI is ready to be your personal researcher, making quick work of this once-tedious task.

AI is a tool you can use for email campaigns in your digital marketing strategy. Specifically, AI is expected to take a bigger part in 2024 in creating subject lines that are more impactful for each recipient. AI is even being used to scrub email lists, cleaning them in an effort to establish a more useful list.


There will always be trends driven by technology, but the human element will continue to be what drives digital marketing efforts. Consumers are increasingly bombarded with content that lacks human involvement. They are becoming wise to the information that lacks authenticity. This is why storytelling is more vital now than ever.

Focusing on how you are creating content that tells a story will be at the top of every high-functioning organization’s list in 2024.

Need help telling your brand’s story? That’s what we do at SJC. We’ve got our ear to the ground and always know which trends are coming and going, but it’s our years of experience that help us assist our clients in getting more eyes on their story and on their brand and gain more engagement. Contact us and let’s discuss creating a more effective digital marketing strategy for you in 2024.

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