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LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Improved Relationships

Get connected with LinkedIn marketing tools that make connecting to a new audience easy.

Relationships with your target audience are worth nurturing. When you deepen those relationships you get a loyal customer who talks up your brand to others. There are a number of key platforms that you can use to nurture relationships and you might be surprised to know LinkedIn is one of them.

Let’s go over a few of the ways you can utilize LinkedIn marketing techniques to gain more traction with your audience.

See What Your Connections Are Doing

Go to LinkedIn’s “articles and activity” section and you can see what your connections are writing, as well as the various updates they’ve made. Take it a step further and go to the “see all activity” tab and see even more. This is a way to get a deeper look into the connections they have and find new avenues for deepening your relationship with them.

Be In the Moment

Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, but that’s not always practical. Instead, have a real-time conversation with people in your network by using “in the moment” messaging.

One of the perks of this tool is that you don’t actually have to be on your person’s page — you can remain on your homepage while messaging them. Everyone has a preferred method of communicating, so don’t miss out on a chance to deepen a relationship with a valuable contact that prefers the LinkedIn messaging tool.

Get Vocal

Let’s face it — some people just find it a total hassle to type out their message — they’re much more productive conveying a message using their voice. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers the ability to do this, but you need to enable a microphone in your LinkedIn app to respond.

Hearing your voice is quite personal, which means the message will have more weight.

Give Kudos

A great LinkedIn marketing option is offered in the platform’s “kudos” tool. When a contact has accomplished something, you can offer them a message of praise, or kudos (kudos is actually a Greek word meaning acclaim or praise).

LinkedIn launched this in the summer of 2018, and people who use it are getting more profile visits and connection requests, because all the connections to the person you are praising can see what you sent.

Need more LinkedIn marketing tips? Just contact us at SJC. We’ve got many more and can assist you in making the platform a better nurturing tool for your organization.

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