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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Missing Its Partner?

With SharpSpring marketing automation certification, SJC Marketing is able to help clients drive more leads.

There’s no question that digital marketing in Kansas City is on the rise (well of course it’s on the rise everywhere). Social media, email newsletters and interactive websites are just the surface of the strategic tools available to businesses wanting to connect online. You have the ability to engage target audiences in nearly endless ways by posting thought-provoking content and conversation-starting questions, all while being able to track audience reactions via analytics.

Is it digital marketing’s moment, or has digital marketing permanently eclipsed its predecessor, traditional marketing? Or is it possible that once the initial flurry of activity around digital marketing has settled just a bit, the two will be the stars of balanced strategies that reach potential customers in a multi-channel distribution strategy?

Pursuing the Right Mix: When you have thousands of followers on social media, and geofencing is ensuring you’re the local leader in your industry, it can be hard to imagine that you might have something to gain from a radio ad or a piece of direct mail. But did you know that 79% of households report that they read or scan direct mail ads?

And what about this: 39% of customers say that they have tried a new business because they saw it advertised in a direct mail ad. Forty-four percent say that they have visited a company’s website after receiving direct mail from that brand. Don’t go check your analytics just yet; there’s more info you might want to include.

It’s not about digital marketing versus more traditional methods. It’s about finding the mix that is most effective for growing brand awareness and generating leads. After all, 70% of consumers say that they would rather learn about a brand through content than a traditional ad. How do you know if your target market is in that 70%?

Know Your Audience: Finding out where your audience prefers to gather information about purchases and decisions is critical to determining the right mix of traditional and digital marketing. It’s relatively easy when it comes to digital methods because the analytics are available to tell you what’s working and what’s not.

There are still options for measuring the effectiveness of traditional methods and determining how best to spend your resources. One way to do this is to assign a unique URL to a direct mail postcard and track how many recipients of that postcard end up visiting your site through the URL.

At SJC Marketing, we specialize in helping companies find the right strategy for digital marketing in Kansas City. You’ll find out the best social media sites for your target audience whether they prefer blogs or live video and how much of your resources you should be funneling toward live events. Contact us today to get started on a successful marketing strategy.

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