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Is LinkedIn Marketing a Good Fit for Your Business?

LinkedIn marketing is a great way to build relationships with your target audience and related industries.

There are a number of social media platforms to utilize to market your company, but you can’t invest time and resources into all of them. How do you decide which are your most strategic choices for connecting with likely buyers? There’s a good chance that LinkedIn marketing could be a good fit, but here’s how to know for sure:

Does your audience hang out there? The first step is to determine whether the people most likely to need and want your product spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. Just like most companies aren’t on every social media platform, most people don’t invest time across all of them.

Are you focused on individuals or just companies? LinkedIn can be frustrating if you don’t have the patience for building relationships, one individual at a time. When you’re in B2B marketing, you know that decisions usually involve multiple people and getting that sale can require a lot of investment in building relationships. LinkedIn is a great place to do it.

Are you ready to be a listener? Healthy relationships are never one-sided, and successful LinkedIn marketing isn’t either. In order to make the most of LinkedIn, you need to approach it ready to spend time listening as well as talking. That means consuming content, not just posting it. It means participating in others’ conversations, not just the ones you start.

Is one of your central goals to be a thought leader? LinkedIn marketing doesn’t tend to be in-your-face, hard selling of a product. It’s more effective when you use it to build a voice in your industry. As you post and share your thoughts, you will gradually become known as an expert in your field and people will begin to seek out your opinions. It doesn’t happen overnight, but LinkedIn is a great place to build a solid reputation.

Still wondering if LinkedIn marketing is right for your company? Contact us at SJC Marketing, where we use insight and strategic market analysis to help you choose the right social media investments for your company.

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